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Who is GSA Schedule Contract?

We are among the best solution providers for GSA Schedule Contract services. We offer an extensive array of federal contracting services to small businesses. We are experts with dozens of years of experience, ready to help get you succeed in the GSA Schedule program.

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What We Do

Our focus is on getting Small Businesses, like you, into the GSA Schedule program. We do not just help out, we complete everything we possibly can on your behalf. You simply provide a small group of internal documents, and we take it from there to award. Contact Us to learn more on how we can help.

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GSA Schedule – ROI

The average GSA Contract Holder wins around $2.2 million each year. This can be you! We work to get you into the GSA Schedule program, and educate you on compliance Marketing, etc. Your Return on Investment, however, depends on how well you learn to use your GSA Contract.

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Federal Marketing

We take into consideration your products and services, and compare them to established federal buying patterns.  Research / Analyze / Develop / Take Action – This approach is the core of developing an effective marketing strategy, with the end-goal of winning government contracts.

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The 6-Step GSA Schedule Process

GSA Schedule 1Document Preparation and Submission

We help you gather internal documents, and prepare your full GSA Schedule Offer on your behalf. Decades of experience is behind each Offer we prepare, emphasizing quality first and speed second. Next, your offer is submitted into the GSA system for review. “Offer” is GSA lingo for the gig group of about 30 documents prepared in the very specific way the GSA requires.

GSA Schedule 2GSA Offer Clarifications

The GSA will assign a Contracting Officer for review. They will normally take 3-6 months to review the GSA Offer documents. When they are finished, they will either reject, or ask for Clarifications. We prepare according to the specific GSA requirements, but rejections are still common in this process, especially if you are trying to get a GSA Contract in-house. This is because the GSA has adopted a very high standard. Correction and resubmission must be handled ASAP to keep momentum. Clarifications are also handled swiftly, answering all GSA questions, and revising any documents that need it.

GSA Schedule 3GSA Negotiations

Once the GSA is satisfied with your Offer documents, it is time to schedule the Negotiations phone call. This is just like it sounds. The GSA will ask for deeper discounts, and better terms. This is when having an experienced GSA Consultant really matters, because these final terms and conditions are nearly set in stone. Negotiating your discount alongside an expert will let you rest assured that your GSA Contract will benefit you fore the (20 year) life of the contract.

GSA Schedule 4Award of Your GSA Schedule Contract

It is definitely time to celebrate when your GSA Schedule Contract is awarded! However, there is still much to be done. Your Registration must be completed. Then a Catalog File must be prepared and uploaded for review and approval. This process can be frustrating and slow, but don’t worry. We handle it for you! Once the uploads are approved, your products will show up on GSA Advantage, and you will start getting hot federal leads in your inbox.

GSA Schedule 5Marketing to GSA Customers

Over the past dozen years, we have seen what it takes to succeed with a GSA Contract. Some customers soar, exceeding expectations and winning huge federal projects. And other clients have struggled to get past the first step. What makes the difference? Following the “Research / Analyze / Develop / Take Action” process. Making a solid Federal Marketing Plan and keeping to it is what will land you large Awards, and grow your Revenue year-after-year.

GSA Schedule 6GSA Schedule Compliance

It can be daunting to think of keeping up with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and it’s endless stream of clauses. However, GSA Schedule upkeep is not as difficult as it may seem. There are only a few aspects of compliance to GSA Contracts: Tracking and Reporting GSA sales, Country of Origin, Business Size Standards, Wage Determinations, etc. OK, so this may seem like a lot to learn, but we are here to help, and once you handle something once, it becomes very easy.

GSA Contract Guide

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Why Get a GSA Schedule Contract?

GSA Schedule ServicesGetting into government contracting is streamlined by acquiring a GSA schedule contract. It is like getting your license to hunt in the federal market. You do not need to have a GSA Contract to win Federal Business, but it is a very good tool to have. And, you gain access to GSA opportunities (like on GSA Advantage) that are otherwise hidden and unaccessible.

If you want to offer goods and/or services to government agencies, A GSA Contract will give you an advantage. If your business offers goods and services that fit into a GSA Category, then you can increase your revenue significantly with a GSA Contract.

GSA Schedule Consulting

The qualifications a company must have are: 2-years in business, financial stability, past performance, and products or services commercially offered (Trade Agreements Act compliant).

GSA awards Schedule Contracts to companies, which offer “commercial off the shelf” products and services that fit within the GSA Schedule sub-category descriptions (called Special Item Numbers or SIN’s). Keep in mind that some services and products are restricted from the GSA Schedules Program.