Anyone can look through the GSA Advantage to see and compare the different goods and services offered. The government describes the service as the federal government’s leading online shopping store from where many commercial goods and services can be accessed online.

GSA Advantage offers an efficient, streamlined purchasing portal for federal agencies to obtain the services and goods needed. The objective of creating this service was to:

  • Verify that contractors are eligible to sell to the government.
  • Insure the best price for the goods and services.
  • Reduce cost, time and bureaucracy in buying services and goods.


Once a purchase is initiated by a buyer, the system sends out an email order to the merchant. The contractor through the website accepts/rejects the order. All information required for order processing is offered including the payment details (generally made with Smart Pay). After the goods/services have been shipped, the contractor confirms the shipment of the order, and then enters the shipping tracking number through the website. This marks the end of the transaction process. No need to communicate with the actual buyer.

With GSA Advantage you are assured that you will get GSA negotiated prices from approved sources of General Services Administration.

Even though the service benefits federal agencies that have an access to GSA Advantage programs, two federal acts allow local and state governments to have access to GSA Advantage and buy there as well.


Purchasing agencies access the services and goods available in GSA Advantage through the website. Agencies wanting to make a purchase can search by supplier, keywords or category. The website provides a part number, detailed product description, and GSA negotiated pricing for every item. This information is public and does any more than an internet connection to see it.  A username and password to log in are required to make a purchase, however.

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