GSA Contract


We offer services along the entire life cycle of a GSA Contract. From getting your GSA Schedule Contract, to maintenance and Compliance. We even help with marketing to federal customers. Here are some other GSA Contract Services:

  • GSA Contract Maintenance — It is vitally important to keep the contract up-to-date with Modifications like price changes, reporting and compliance programs. We can help maintain your GSA Schedule Contract.
  • Federal Marketing — In order to be successful with GSA, the companies need to market their goods/services to the federal government. We help GSA Contractors promote their contract to the federal government
  • GSA Advantage — Getting a Schedule gives you the opportunity to get into federal contracting. We can guide you to complete the application process in an effortless way so that GSA contracts is awarded to you.
  • GSA Contract Extensions — For Companies who need to renew their GSA Schedule Contract, we can help.

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