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After your GSA Contract is awarded, now you can market and connect with the government customers. However, maximizing the potential of your GSA Schedule Contract can be just as confusing as getting it. There is no guarantee of sales. It requires a tactical Federal Marketing plan, that is based on solid competitive research.

Research –
Analyze –
Develop –
Take Action –
Repeat – Increasing your bidding ‘Batting Average’ over time is the ultimate goal. You want to win more contracts, and bigger contracts.

Here are the different avenues that Federal Opportunities come through:

Promoting your GSA Contract is important

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Companies that consider the Schedules program will get benefited by joining the group and will get relevant and timely suggestions and training. This group will also provide you with the webinar video series, discussion boards and downloadable resources and much more. However, if you want, you may join the group and see the 4-part audiovisual series when you feel like; it’s a service from GSA that is available for free of charge.