A Letter of Supply (LOS) is important if a company wants to get a GSA Schedule Contract, but doesn’t manufacture what it sells. A LOS can also be known as a letter of commitment.

Is a LOS Required?

This is a very common question. If asked to a GSA contracting officer, the answer will be yes. While going through a GSA solicitation, it seems that a Letter of Supply is required.

However, a LOS is not always required. According to the actual GSA policy, a contracting officer is needed only to determine if your company has a supply source. LOS is not required as long as there is other proof that confirms that the vendor has an acceptable supply source.

The LOS generally confirms

  • The producer provides implied authorization to list its goods on the company’s GSA contract
  • The provider is able to offer the vendor sufficient quantities of product
  • The goods offered are compliant with TAA
  • Price decreases and increases will be given to the contractor on time

If the vendor is a re-seller or dealer of a product, the vendor needs to ask its manufacturer/supplier for a LOS for every brand provided.

What is needed on a Letter of Supply 

  • The original signature of either the Vice President/President/CEO of the firm
  • To be printed on the original letterhead of the manufacturer